Lema for the Hôtel Particulier by Piero Lissoni at Palazzo Morando

Piero Lissoni chose Lema among the partners to furnish his hôtel particulier at Palazzo Morando.

The suggestive location at the heart of the Milanese ‘quadrilatero’ turns into a fine Grand Hotel, interpreted according to the stylist codes of Elle Decor Italia, through the creativity of Piero Lissoni who designed common spaces and Patricia Urquiola who looked after the room design.

A unique project-installation proposed to tell the evolution of interior decoration with particular focus on the contract sphere, characterised by thousands of facets, that sees Lema standing out worldwide, mainly through its specific division, utmost expression of its inclination to custom design that has always defined the brand uniqueness.

The discreet elegance of the creations signed Lema is perfectly in tune with the concept of Piero Lissoni, art director of the brand for over twenty years, inspired to French hôtel particulier, luxurious dwellings typical of the 1700s, similar to English mansions. In fact, the design is based on evident contrasts between classic and modern: in the rooms of this hotel thought as an aristocratic hostel, iconic pieces of modern design are combined to facades and interiors of historical buildings reproduced on the walls through photographic elaborations.

Hati chairs by Lissoni and Bail Lu chairs by Neri & Hu embellish the Café & Restaurant area, cosmopolitan space intended for social moments, furnished with large common tables and seats of different styles, that leave the mark for their uniqueness like Hati, essential but cosy, characterised by the rigorous sign of the designer, chosen in the refined version with structure in natural ash wood, that houses the seat and back in interlaced cord. Its shape reminds those of the past, reviewed to exalt structures and bring out the proportions. It is matched to Bai Lu in black leather, characterised by curved lines that evoke classic Oriental seats, a structure with round section supports a bent top that creates seat and back with a gentle line. Its stylistic grace stands out from the name – “white dew” – which corresponds in the Chinese calendar to the second week of September, when the product was designed.

The reproduction of the facade of Palazzo del Seminario in Lecce dating back to the 17th century is the room setting.

In Séjour, the lobby that Piero Lissoni conceived as actual home living room, inspired to the classic “séjour bourgeois”, is characterised at the centre by Mansion coffee table designed by Christophe Pillet, with light and ethereal base in bronzed metal, on which a vat in highly technological rigid material was welded onto, for containment and typical support functions. A slab in precious heat-treated oak slides along the entire surface, creating a particular three-dimensional effect and surface overlapping from a visual and material point of view. The elegance of the spaces meets the background reproduction of the facade of the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena built in the 16thcentury in Catania.

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