LE/mag is now online!

LEMA has chosen an unusual way for the furniture and design sector to express itself and speak about its unique character:

an independent and free e-magazine, where self-reference is banned.

Without specific mentioning the brand’s activities and collections, this publication witnesses the strength of a brand that dares to present and assert its style with a strong and decisive strategy, transferring the brand experience through charming tales enriched of high-quality and intensive iconographic contents.

The common thread is the light and décontracté approach. Welcoming and conviviality, relaxation and warmth are the words that embody LEMA’s delicate creative universe and form the guidelines of the new magazine.

LE/mag is conceived as virtual space to find ideas and hints for slow living, the relaxation and enjoyment of home that has always inspired LEMA Home’s collections. Trips, leisure, art, culture, shows, literature, cinema, food….the intention is to strengthen the bond with the public, opening up at the same time to new readers…charming them with brief stories and relaxing moments, by recounting experiences, charming trips where luxury often underlies absolute simplicity: an oasis in far-away Mongolia, a Norwegian lodge in the middle of nowhere, a Mediterranean resort, the ecstasy of a fine chocolate, the charm of the ancient history of a family of leather artisans.

A constant search for news and inspirations: there are no boundaries for LE/mag that discovers the latest bien vivre trends all over the world. Mixed weekly brief articles in a complementary magazine that will become a reference point for those who choose a way to be devoted to understatement, like LEMA.

The passion for quality and tailor-made character that has always guided LEMA and allowed the firm to be established at international level, is revealed in every article of LE/mag. LEMA’s soft stylistic lexicon, rich simplicity in its finest meaning, with select references to the design culture that enhances this character, can be found in the elegant and neat style of LE/mag.

LE/mag’s weekly issues can be directly viewed at lemamobili.com/lemag and are also available in LEMA’s newsletter and social channels thanks to a multi-channel strategy:
Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest.

Just take a second to register and enjoy engaging moments and ideas for new experiences to live first hand, worldwide.

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