Pursuant to the corporate policy careful to environmental issues, Lema complies with laws that favour the use of “green” materials within the production process. The ISO 14001 certification guarantees that our production techniques aim at efficiency and energy saving in order to be always more sustainable and compatible with the environment. Among the actions undertaken, the progressive replacement of traditional paints with water-based paints, in addition to the particular attention paid to emissions in the atmosphere. In order to be more sustainable, our new shed is equipped with a large panel system consisting of photovoltaic cells that renders the structure completely self-sufficient from an energy viewpoint.

Moreover, the company is certified according to BS OHSAS 18001 standard, which acknowledges the commitment towards the improvement of work conditions within its plants: in particular, all aspects linked to workers’ health, reduction of risks of accident, management of emergencies and improvement of safety conditions, in compliance with the highest international standards, carefully selecting the companies to entrust the works and by constantly checking operations at construction sites.

Lema is able to manufacture products featuring FSC® certificate, meaning products containing wood coming from forests that are properly and sustainably managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. The forest of origin has been checked and assessed independently according to these standards (proper forest management principles and criteria) set forth and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council®, certifying body, through the participation and consent of the concerned parties. FSC® is an international non-government, independent and non-profit organisation featuring among its members, environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries that process and trade wood, scientists and technicians who operate together to improve the management of forests worldwide.

In conclusion, Lema has acquired ISO 9001 certification, internationally acknowledged reference standard for Quality management. The certification ratifies the adhesion to all those programs that aim at the constant improvement of corporate performances, in order to ensure to its customers the maintenance and improvement of the quality of its products and services in time.
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