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A solid handicraft tradition reflected in every project

Lema’s history is the tale of a Made in Italy that focuses on quality and customisation, wisely merging innovation and tradition. Its strength lies in its extraordinary manufacturing ability, typical Italian excellence, that allowed the firm to combine the values and technologies of a big industrial firm to outstanding craftsmanship skills, giving life to a large range of furniture.
Great care is paid to each production phase, from design, thanks to the close collaboration with designers, to the final product. Indeed, the essence of Italian design and the marvellous way in which Lema interprets it, lies in attention to quality. The common thread that binds all the products of the assorted catalogue is comfort and harmony of slow living. Cosiness and conviviality, relax and warmth are in fact the key words.
Lema was founded in 1970 by the Meroni family, that is still managing it, strong of a tradition dating back to the ’30s. In the ‘40s, the first store was opened in Milan where, driven by the current boom, the meeting with the first architects and designers, that had just began working at national level, had a key role in driving the production towards more contemporary aesthetics. Among the first collaborations, that with Angelo Mangiarotti was extremely significant, who was entrusted the design of the Alzate branch in the ‘70s by the sons of founder Angelo, Luigi and Enrico, with the aim to start an industrial production. Lema was the first Italian company to develop a load-bearing side-panel system in various finishes and the made-to-measure wardrobe, custom-made for the client. Iconic products that witness Lema’s attention to the customer and great customisation ability, typical characteristics of the firm. Today the Group consists of the divisions Lema Casa, Lema Contract and International Office Concept dedicate to office furniture.

Timeline Lema


Since the ‘30s, Angelo Meroni, grandfather of the current President featuring the same first name, began the family business by opening a shop at the city centre of Arosio, specialised in the production of classic furniture.


The Meroni family opens a store in Milan. In this context, driven by the current boom, the meeting with the first architects and designers that had just began working at national level has a key role in driving the production towards more contemporary aesthetics and transform the company into enterprise.


From family business to enterprise: La Sorgente del Mobile was born, brand that marked the history of Italian design.


Lema was founded. The positive experience of La Sorgente del Mobile drove sons Angelo, Luigi and Enrico to start a further organised industrial production, entrusting to Angelo Mangiarotti the design of the innovative branch in Alzate Brianza: a cutting-edge plant for a management with a brand new philosophy. In fact, Lema is the first Italian company to design and produce integrated furnishing systems, organising the entire production cycle from the receipt of raw materials to packaging.


Tito Agnoli – one of the top designers and key figure in the Italian design between the late ‘50s and ‘70s - conceives Lo Scaffale, the first Italian mass produced load-bearing side-panel system in various finishes: a solution that obtained great success thanks to its outstanding ability to adapt to different needs and styles.


The “Made-to-measure Wardrobe" is conceived, a modular custom-made closet solution: another key step in asserting Lema on the market. A system that will be totally renewed in 1997, and is still under constant evolution, to fulfil and anticipate needs of private and contract customers.


Lema presents Lema colour system: a unique range of colours featuring 37 shades, conceived by Paolo Minoli.


The plant in Giussano designed by architect Angelo Mangiarotti becomes operational. Internal Office Concept is introduced to offer a complete and assorted collection intended to furnish modern offices.


Piero Lissoni becomes the company’s art director.


Selecta is presented at the Furniture Exhibition in Milan, new modular solution characterised by utmost composition flexibility.


"Armadio al Centimetro" viene completamente rinnovato per offrire un prodotto fortemente personalizzabile, che consenta di sfruttare al meglio lo spazio.


The Walk-in Closet in conceived, a system that allows choosing finishes, sizes, doors and internal accessories based on any taste and space requirement.


The range of modular system is expanded with TM20 solution. N.E.T. is conceived, the collection of furnishing accessories designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.


Lema Contract is born, the department dedicated to large supplies. From multi-apartment to retail, hotels and the corporate sector, Lema offers custom-made solutions for luxurious projects worldwide.


From a product range focused on systems and furnishing accessories, a more varied home collection is conceived. This transition is marked by the collaborations with important Italian designers like Roberto Lazzeroni, Studio Kairos, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba. Lema Contract begins collaborating with Vodafone, which will lead the firm to supply the furniture for all sales points of the telephone brand.


Lema presents T030, the new day system designed by Piero Lissoni, evolution of TM20.


Lema’s home archetype takes shape. The brand is expressed through a lifestyle inspired by a sophisticated and modern approach of living. The new projects are signed by renowned names in the interational design sector that enrich Lema’s catalogue every year. Among these, Werner Aisslinger, Gordon Guillaumier, Ferruccio Laviani, LucidiPevere, Nendo, Neri&Hu, RawEdges, Francesco Rota, Tokujin Yoshioka. Lema Contract signs the project for the rooms of the prestigious Bulgari Knightsbridge Palace Hotel in London.


To complete Lema’s home, the first collection of padded furniture with the designs conceived by Francesco Rota, Gordon Guillaumier and Christophe Pillet is presented. The new logistic department is opened, fed by renewable energy supplied by a system of photovoltaic panels.


In view of further globalization, the flagship stores in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Taiwan and Melbourne are opened.


The first flagship store managed by Lema opens in London, key centre of large international orders. An important strategic move: over 400 square metres at 183 Kings Road, at the heart of Chelsea, become the setting of the souls of the Group: Lema Casa and Lema Contract. On one hand, the excellence of standard production typical of a big enterprise and on the other, the manufacturing ability that allows developing specific custom-made solutions for significant supplies in the multi-apartment and contract sectors, worldwide.
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