Lema Contract

LEMA’s indissoluble connection with the design world finds its utmost expression in the Contract division, a cutting-edge industrial department that has a strong and consistent growth.

The outstanding corporate ability to conceive ad-hoc solutions in the different spheres of design, hospitality, multi-apartment, private homes, public spaces for retail and enterprises contributes to the success of LEMA Contract. LEMA’s technical office is able to design solutions for any type of space, perfectly in tune with the precept You Think We Make that has always defined its mission. The “custom” service represents an important value of LEMA Contract: the client finds in Lema a knowledgeable partner in the development of every project, able to interpret and translate any aesthetic, and above all, functional need.

LEMA caters to, and often anticipates, international tastes and trends with its expansive portfolio of custom-made solutions. These share a distinctive synergy with LEMA Casa’s extensive catalogue, thus guaranteeing the advantages of mass production, always with the possibility of modifying the products in terms of aesthetics, sizes and materials, to satisfy any customer need.

Moreover, LEMA’s experience throughout the years assists the client in the feasibility analysis of the overall project by establishing methods, timing and costs. This enables the client to complete their ideas, not only with regards to furniture and furnishing accessories, but also to structural installations. Marketing, technical assistance and operations are also available to the client at any design stage. Additionally, post-sale assistance ensures continuity and stock of materials in time, in addition to custom interventions for any design update.

The plant in Giussano is the hub of LEMA Contract. Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti and opened in 1992, it covers an area of 18,000 square metres, where high added value projects are conceived.

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