Lema@London Design Festival 2016

“Shape, form, wood finishes: a total design experience”

A year after the opening of the company’s first flagship store, on the Kings Road, Lema told of its more defining trait – a vocation to customisation. Customisation is the highest expression of the company, which is built on two core pillars: a state-of-the-art industrial manufacturing system, and deeply rooted strong craftsmanship values.  The latest 2016 products signed among others by Piero Lissoni, Roberto Lazzeroni, Christophe Pillet, Francesco Rota, and brand new wood finishes for the iconic T030 furniture system developed in collaboration with ALPI, the Italian leader in the wood finishing sector, took centre stage.

Lema created an event to embody the values at the core of its philosophy, proposing for the first time an all-rounded project, in which the value is defined from beginning to end – starting from the selection of the wood finishes, through to the creative process.

For the first time, the iconic T030 day-system by Piero Lissoni has been redefined through a new set of wood-finishes, created in partnership with Alpi, the leading brand in decorative wood surfaces and finishes, for which Piero Lissoni has recently designed Xilo 2.0, an exclusive range chosen to enrich the already vast collection of finishes in the Lema Casa catalogue.

The combination of these two leaders in the market, key representatives of the ‘made in Italy’ philosophy, united under the creative direction of Piero Lissoni, has led to the creation of the event for the festival, stemming from the inner values and qualities of the product and its materiality.  Shape, form, wood finishes: a total design experience encapsulates the essence of the Alpi wood finishes combined with the T030 system, a project showcasing the sartorial ability of both brands.

To highlight the commitment and vocation to the project ‘made to measure’, also the special talk hold on September 22 focused on the theme ‘Custom-made’, featuring Sergio Buttiglieri, Interior Design Director, Sanlorenzo Yacht.

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