Comfortable armchair, vintage ‘40s style

design by Dainelli Studio

Armchair with sartorial spirit

There is a clear decorative feel to Alma by Dainelli Studio, who has created an armchair with indulgent shaping and a sophisticated, sartorial attitude. A contemporary take on the style themes of the 1940s, Alma’s cosy, curved forms are complemented by the soft seat and backrest cushions, offering a new, elegant expression of the brand’s comfort vision.

At the heart of the project is a design culture centred around quality, something that unites Lema and Dainelli, whose respect for and celebration of artisanal expertise has become a defining characteristic. The charisma of Alma is underpinned by the stunning selection of fabric and leather coverings available, while its vintage soul shines through in detailing such as the feet, with their subtle brass plaques.

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Texture spec sheet: features, maintenance and care
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    Product Alma
    Height (cm)
    Abrasion resistance


    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


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    The painstaking selection of the materials and the quality of the processing, united with the sartorial care of the details are the cornerstones shared by all of our products.
    Secure and traced deliveries with the advantage of additional dedicated services such as delivery to the floor and assembly.
    Lema’s customer service is at your disposition to provide pre- and after-sale support, assisting you throughout every step of the purchase.

    design by
    Dainelli Studio
    There’s a 1940s appeal to the Alma armchair, which draws on different aesthetic influences and puts form, colour and materials centre stage. The cosy, curved shaping emphasises the painstaking, sartorial approach to the design process.



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