Gabriele Buratti, architect and professor of Interior Design at the Faculty of Design of Politecnico di Milano (2003-2010), e Oscar Buratti, architect, form the architecture and design studio BURATTI ARCHITETTI. The studio is transversally involved in projects of different scales, from the architecture of buildings and urban areas to interiors of houses and commercial spaces, from the design of furniture and lighting to the exhibition and showroom design, in an intense and varied professional path, in which themes, places and typologies, brands and people, materials and workmanship, mingle together contaminating one another. They design residential, commercial and industrial buildings, interventions in historic centers and renovations of complex buildings, villas and interiors of offices, dwellings, shops and showrooms, with the aim of combining culture and professional specialization, experimentation and technique, original vision and product quality. The collaboration with Lema begins in 2020.
Prodotti realizzati
  1. Venise Venise
    design by_ Gabriele e Oscar Buratti
  2. Ortis Ortis
    design by_ Gabriele e Oscar Buratti
  3. Aley Aley
    design by_ Gabriele e Oscar Buratti
  4. Gullwing Gullwing
    design by_ Gabriele e Oscar Buratti