20 July 2021


LEMA is proud to present three new catalogues: LT40, Details and Armadio al Centimetro, the result of an important work whose goal was to convey an evocative experience, able to transform a simple catalogue into a story about the company, its world, and its philosophy.


Details, enriched by the images of the new products of 2021 and by new shots that capture refined details, as the name suggests, reflects the company's vision: home as a tailor-made dress, a meeting of shapes, materials, aesthetics, and function, an environment of dialogue, able to gather suggestions and differences. The entire production of Lema finds within this catalogue a deep harmony, a perfect coexistence of styles and environments united by the same design idea, characterized by rigor, elegance, and attention to detail.


The brand new LT40 catalogue collects, in a single instrument, the countless versions of the system of containers, wall units, cupboards, and boiserie with an intense personalization. A synthesis of the design philosophy of Madrid-based architect David López Quincoces, based on the search for a timeless style.


Finally, the catalogue is dedicated to the made-to-measure program par excellence: Armadio al Centimetro. A constantly evolving range dedicated to maximum flexibility: first and foremost in terms of size, but also of models, materials, elements, finishes, accessories, and equipment. Available in the digital and paper versions.


Three catalogues, three tools that will offer ideas and new stimuli. A philosophy that permeates the modern living landscapes, of values of elegance, caliber, and discretion, in the sign of a personalization that leads the reader to draw on it, reproducing in his scenario the proposed environments according to the subjective idea of domestic oasis.