2 June 2018


DESIGN BY Rebosio+Spagnulo
LOCATION St. Moritz, Switzerland
YEAR 2013/2018

Lema Contract’s great skill in managing customised furnishing projects is confirmed by the furnishing made between 2013 and 2018 for the exclusive Kempinski Residences in St. Moritz, consisting of 25 long stay apartments ranging between 100 and 400 square metres, in which Lema has built a world that is both warm and luxuriously décontractée, drawing inspiration from the Alpine chalets. The apartments, each one different from the other, are characterised by ad hoc fixtures and furniture created by the Contract division in collaboration with the Casa division: beds, sofas, bookshelves and writing desks are taken from the company’s home catalogue and revisited in details, shapes and finishes in order to become special and exclusive solutions; even more complex are the projects related to fixtures, such as wall coverings, lighting systems, doors and fireplaces made in fabric, stone and wood, using very specific philological models that combine the exclusivity to the consistency of the materials and the design.