17 May 2021

The Henley

Thanks to the strength of its vast technical know-how, LEMA has been chosen to supply the  bespoke walk-in wardrobes for 1,425 apartments of the luxury residential complex The Henley, Hong Kong.

An ambitious project, in which the builder Henderson Land sought to create an extremely comfortable and harmonious living space, involving internationally renowned talents in the field of design and architecture. An architectural masterpiece characterized by innovative design and great attention to sustainability, with a wealth of green areas, services and common spaces, to redefine the quality of living. Urban agriculture solutions and environmentally friendly energy saving measures will also be introduced, to further improve the environment with landscapes that have been meticulously designed according to the biodiversity of the territory.

Lema has worked closely with Henderson Land to invent a multifunctional wardrobe system the - LEMA Fashion Box - not only made-to-measure, but also in line with Hong Kong’s lifestyle, pushing the limits of spatial compositions. The greatest challenge was to make the most of every millimeter available so as to meet the customer’s demands, with 100% customization of the space. This involved teamwork, carried out successfully together with Henderson Land, starting from the specific needs of the Hong Kong market and its users, studying in detail the most commonly used everyday objects that would be most likely be contained in the walk-in wardrobe. For this project, LEMA has, indeed, created a wardrobe system tailored to fit the needs of the builder.

The cabins are all equipped with Air Cleaning System, the innovative Lema patented sanitization device. Thanks to the interaction of nanotechnology having a special UV lamp, it generates a photocatalytic reaction inside the wardrobe that makes it possible to destroy, by means of a natural active principle, odors, bacteria and viruses such as SARS and Covid-19, improving the well-being of those whose homes are equipped with the device, reducing allergies and disorders to the respiratory system.

Another major challenge of this project has been at an industrial level, involving the engineering and refinement of the way these systems are produced and installed: these are walk-in wardrobes that have an assembly that develops in height, from the bottom to the top, taking into account the reduced maneuvering spans of construction sites in Hong Kong, and optimizing the pieces, in view of the overseas shipment.

Detailed video tutorials that explained, step-by-step, how to proceed with the assembly of the different wardrobe systems have been created by Lema. Meticulous work that has been very successful and brought the error rate down to zero.