1 June 2006


DESIGN BY Crea International
YEAR 2006-2007

Lema was selected to develop the concept of the chain of the 350 Italian Wind Franchising stores, based on the design by Fashion Tech Crea International. The concept developed is a true and genuine operation of ‘Physical Brand Design’, where the space has gone through a total creative rethinking in all of its physical components: the shop is the brand, its essence, the place where the brand values are the most intensely expressed. The concept of the enlarged pixel punctuates the environment and represents the dynamic icon that generates the store’s rhythm and develops the memorable language of the products themselves. Element of visual continuity that directs the gaze and focuses attention, incorporating the various elements of the communication, is the orange strip that weaves through the walls, serving a triple function: metaphor of the mobile line that units the three brands (Wind, Infostrada and Libero) with their three worlds and their relative products and services.