London flagship store Contract Division 


No Project is Too Challenging. Residential. Hospitality. Joinery. Manufacturing the architect’s idea on an industrial scale

For over 40 years, LEMA has championed the ‘Made in Italy’ aesthetic by knowingly mixing innovation and tradition, turning quality and personalisation into a unique selling point.

Lema’s strong connection with the design world finds its utmost expression in its Contract Division. The dedication to the best technology and industrial methods, knowledge of the UK market, profound understanding of materials, first-class commitment to research and innovation, makes this division unique. The know-how built up over the years enables LEMA to develop executive and technical turnkey projects for hotels, residences and offices. The activities of design, production, project management and logistics are fully integrated, to enable the execution of complex contract projects. By having an office located on the iconic King’s Road in London, we are able to be on site for all our projects. Our technical, cost effective solutions providing just in time delivery, site management and after sales support are indeed managed directly from the London HQ. Lema’s UK Contract Division interprets and translates every specific aesthetic and functional specification that each client has by analysing the design concept and quality standards required. Providing each client with tips, solutions and ideas that are functional, cost-effective and respond to time constraints. Liaising with architects, interior designers and developers, combined with researching, testing, and engineering each element of the project; these are the key aspects of the approach adopted by Lema for the execution of its projects. Lema’s UK Contract Division considers each project as unique, whilst ensuring the added value of a cutting-edge industrial company, the use of advanced technology, strict quality controls, and optimised logistics. At Lema’s Contract Division in the UK we are able to design solutions for any type of space, perfectly in tune with the motto You Think We Make that has always defined the brand’s mission. Lema UK Ltd is a fully FSC compliant company, SMAS compliant, with ISO 9001 certificate and BS OHSAS 2016-2019
L'accurata selezione dei materiali e la qualità delle lavorazioni unita alla cura sartoriale del dettaglio rappresentano i cardini di ogni nostro prodotto.
Spedizioni sicure e tracciate con il vantaggio di servizi aggiuntivi dedicati come consegna al piano e montaggio.
Il customer service Lema è a disposizione per fornire supporto pre e post vendita, aiutando in tutte le fasi dell'acquisto.