Dainelli Studio was set up in 2007 by Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli, two designers and architects specialising in product and interior design respectively. Based in Pisa and Milan, the studio is currently working on interior design and art direction projects. Known for its constant research into aesthetics and form, Dainelli Studio has a trademark sophisticated design style with a keen eye for proportions and harmony between shaping, colours, materials and finishes. Every project carries with it the weight of a deep-rooted culture of design, combined with techniques and production processes from both the industrial and artisanal worlds. Drawing on the experience of both Leonardo and Marzia, the studio has a strong ability to interact with the environment and with individual products. They take care over the design of every single element necessary to build both public and private spaces, creating bespoke individual pieces to breathe life into total-look habitats.
  1. Maddix | new Maddix | new
    Maddix | new
    design by_ Dainelli Studio
  2. Maddox Maddox
    design by_ Dainelli Studio
  3. Alma Alma
    design by_ Dainelli Studio