On the Florida coast, this almost suspended, diaphanous architecture is like a window to the soul. Miami offers an enchanting kaleidoscope of experiences, an embrace between the blue sky and the turquoise ocean.

Horizontal and vertical geometric lines intersect each other, drawing two levels on which the entire residential complex is organised. The glass, luminous and diaphanous, is, in fact, the protagonist: a set of transparencies cut by the strong slabs that transform the external appurtenances into welcoming terraces; the contact between nature and action, the internal projection towards a discreet and reserved agora where one can regenerate. The rigorous geometry of the living area is interrupted by the voluptuous spirals of a large staircase that connects the living room, on the ground floor, to the upper floor: a triumph of Baroque forms revisited in the most minimal contemporary interpretation.


The first morning light penetrates through the large windows like a bright waterfall. The sun, warm and gentle, slowly appears in the blue sky and accompanies this new beginning.

The entrance immediately makes a bold statement, incorporating design elements with a distinctive architectural style. A large and spectacular space, characterised by the expressive strength of the wall with canned woodwork, creates a sense of grandeur that accommodates the Yard day bed and Sign coffee table.

A cosy refuge where stories intertwine and precious moments follow one another like pearls on a silver thread.

The double-height room welcomes and enhances the dancing light, where the gaze wanders to the infinite horizon, capturing the magic of the outdoors. The circular Venise sofas envelop the space with their sinuous embrace, the Oydo coffee table in Marmo Portoro Imperiale and the Francis coffee tables in travertine and heat-treated oak are an expression of a perfect balance between refined minimalism and strong personality.

Inviting aromas mingle with the warmth of conversation.

The two-sided LT40 low cabinet separates the two rooms.
The Gullwing table with its sinuous shapes creates an atmosphere of conviviality and shared joy that nourishes not only the body, but also the spirit. The cosy and comfortable embrace of the Bea armchairs indefinitely prolongs the pleasure of time in company. Four Selecta glass plateaus become an integral part of the architecture.


Feelings that cannot be expressed in words are translated into music. Thoughts, emotions resonate in the melody that envelops the space, and closing our eyes we imagine haunting worlds.

Just as musical notes link together to create an endless harmony, Lema systems unite different structures creating a complete and highly customisable architecture. The music room expresses a universal language, where you can free your mind by listening to or reading a good book while lying on the Yard sofa. To contain books, novels, memories of past adventures, the Selecta bookcase in heat-treated oak becomes the perfect treasure chest: open, closed compartments or glass cabinets embellished with light, they collect elements that allow you to enjoy every moment with serenity.


As the sun sets and the day comes to an end, thoughts become more vivid and come to life in the form of dreams thanks to the allure of the dark, the stars and the celestial vault.

Open your eyes with your head still resting on the pillow and see the line dividing the blue of the sky from the blue of the sea in a vision you wish would never end.

A place of rest, abandonment and welcome, the bedroom is surrounded by huge windows that offer a panoramic view and provide a dreamlike experience. The Maddox bed, protagonist of the sleeping area, is now illuminated by light, now enveloped in darkness. Its aerial, very light structure accompanies our imaginary flights and lulls us into a gentle dance.


In the walk-in wardrobe, dreams take shape amidst the hanging garments.

Everything in view, everything within reach, the VentiTre walk-in wardrobe combines aesthetics and functionality. A simple, doorless system, it creates an intimate and cosy environment where you can store your clothes at a glance.