Frame sides for Armadio al Centimetro


The Armadio al Centimetro system is evolving

The first company to distinguish itself on the national market, already in the 1980s, by presenting a one-of-a-kind bespoke programme like Armadio al Centimetro, Lema reconfirms its approach to modularity and customisation with the new 2021 proposals. 

With the insertion of the frame sides, Lema reinterprets its wardrobes universe in a way that is technological, and at the same time one that involves the design proposal. Three new internal and external structural elements open to a new dialogue between a pure container and domestic architecture, in a context that is ever more sophisticated and almost metaphysical. A project with a distinctly contemporary character, innovative from a technological viewpoint, result of the development of a set of aluminium frames, available in two finishes: bronze and sand. The external back is closed by a back panel in glass, which can be replaced by the traditional back panel in melamine, and is proposed in three transparent finishes, just as for the end side: extra-light transparent glass, reflecting bronzed glass and grey smoked glass. Combining industrialisation of the manufacturing processes and painstaking attention to detail, Armadio al Centimetro boasts increasing versatility, thanks to the wide range of modules available and to the possibility of adapting them according to the desired dimensions, in height, width and depth, with particular attention given to design and aesthetics, as well as to the use of 100% recyclable materials.

design by
Officinadesign Lema
Technological innovations in the service of Lema design to build a programme of bespoke wardrobes always increasingly customisable and with low environmental impact.



Lema. The art of dialogue

Our products are characters in a bigger picture, a lifestyle vision centred around the concept of dialogue.Dialogue as an idea of home, of a bespoke space, of the ideal forum for relationships and sharing moments.Dialogue as the fusion of form and materials, of aesthetics and function. An expression of Lema’s ability to combine various difference design styles in one, harmonious collection.Our furnishings are designed to interact with one another but can also exist on their own, having been devise to adapt to personal lifestyles in houses all over the world.