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design by
Ximi Li

The concept behind the In-Between table stems from the desire to convey a sense of space. Our view tends to be attracted by tangible objects and often we ignore the space in between. This table is designed to reverse this trend, attracting people to observe and feel the spatial relationship between objects, by having irregular and alternating legs.

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Lema. Bespoke collections.

Lema is modularity and customisation. Collections of bespoke products defined by the combination of the efficiency of hi-tech industry and the expertise of deep, artisanal traditions. Each product is a unique story, expression of an understated, never ostentatious design approach. We pay the utmost attention to our production techniques and detailing. For homes like bespoke spaces with a focus on maximum comfort


The story of Lema is a story of Italian manufacturing and an expert combination of innovation and tradition based on the central tenets of quality and customisation. Lema’s success lies with its unrivalled and quintessentially Italian manufacturing expertise, which have allowed the company to harness the technological power and efficiency of a large industrial operation while maintaining a deep, artisanal calling.