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The tailoring and bespoke realisation of each piece of furniture are the two main characteristics that have distinguished Lema over the years. Unique in the world of furnishing, the Italian company offers modular systems with a high level of customisation that are flanked by equally customisable furniture in colours and materials thanks to the close link between craftsmanship and technology. For about eighty years, in fact, Lema has combined the quality of materials and production processes with a technical engineering in continuous improvement that enhances Made in Italy and the spirit of Italian design.


First company in the production of modular wardrobes of industrial manufacturing, Lema stands thanks to the quality of materials used and the production processes, together with a technical engineering that boasts over eighty years of experience. To this day, in the heart of Brianza, Lema strengthens the family business created in the 1930s with a research in furnishings and development activity. An industrial company of excellence, which comprises 55,000 square meters, in two offices in Alzate Brianza and Giussano. Lo Scaffale is the supported shelving system from load-bearing structural sides, the first produced in Italy on an industrial scale and proposed in different finishes, followed in 1981 by the first Armadio al Centimetro. A real revolution: a modular wardrobe program based on disassembled and customised panels, with the quality and costs of an industrial product. The height of customisation, to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need.

Lema Skills and Quality of Production

Taking advantage of and enhancing the expertise and professionalism typical of the Brianza district, Lema’s excellence has always been defined through cutting-edge production processes, typical of a large industrial group, expertly integrated with careful manual processing. From the start, the decision to manage all the facets of the production process internally, from the arrival of raw materials right through to packaging for delivery. Lema was, indeed, the first Italian company to develop a system with load-bearing side panels in an infinite range of finishes with the Armadio al Centimetro wardrobe, custom-built for the customer. Today, the perfect mix of the most innovative technologies and the deeply-rooted tradition gives life to a wide range of furnishings. Great attention is paid to each and every phase of manu-facture, from design, carried out in close collaboration with the designers themselves, right through to the final product.