Modular free-standing sofa

Starting from €50,000.00

Tailor-made free standing modular sofa

Glee is a modular free-standing sofa that stands out for its essential lines and soft volumes. Versatility is its distinctive trait: Glee is able to fit into any space and dialogue with any furniture style adding a touch of newness and contemporaneity to the whole space.

It is possible to choose the width of the central body, of the two terminals and of the pouf with a 5 cm step between the maximum and the minimum size of these sofa’s elements, in order to fully adapt them to different functional and aesthetic needs. The attention to details, sartorial elements and personalisation, fil rouge of all Lema’s designs, is enhanced in the Armadio al Centimetro system as well as in Glee: the careful selection of materials allows different chromatic and material combinations, giving life to this new elegant "tailor-made" proposal, perfect symbol of Officinadesign Lema's constant research.

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    Product Glee
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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


    Be inspired


    Sofa with combinable seats
    design by Francesco Rota

    Be inspired


    Floor standing modular sofa
    design by Gabriele e Oscar Buratti

    design by
    Officinadesign Lema
    Fresh and contemporary spirit, Glee contains the ideas of comfort and relaxation in a delicate balance. Its design expresses a discrete elegance and its great versatility makes it a solution that easily adapts to personal aesthetic and space requirements.


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