Ortis | new

Coffee tables with metal structure, round and oval tops


ORTIS: sophisticated design which evokes faraway tales

The Ortis collection of side tables features an oval table top supported by a sleek structure of metal tubing anchored to a semi-circular base.

Available in various different sizes and heights, Ortis is designed for use in the living room and is ideal positioned in front of a sofa or alongside it, potentially in combinations of multiple pieces.

This versatile table can be moved around a space to suit a specific requirement and can even be partially tucked under the base of the sofa, thus transforming itself into a convenient surface upon which to rest a cup, book or laptop. The structure is in painted metal, while the table tops are available in glossy and matt lacquered, wood, marble and stone.

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    Product Ortis | new
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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


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    The painstaking selection of the materials and the quality of the processing, united with the sartorial care of the details are the cornerstones shared by all of our products.
    The quality of products is reflected in the after-sales care service which is guaranteed over time throughout the network of partners and Lema dealers globally.
    Lema’s proposals surprise for their refined timeless traits. Every design forms part of a harmonic lifestyle yet at the same time able to adapt to every home and lifestyle.

    Gabriele e Oscar Buratti

    design by
    Gabriele e Oscar Buratti
    I tavolini Ortis sono pensati per completare la zona dei divani, sia per l’area centrale della zona relax, che per gli angoli e i fianchi dei divani. Possono essere usati singoli o in composizioni multiple incastrati tra loro; i piccoli fungono anche da tavolino jolly personale, che può essere spostato e in parte inserito nel divano, per appoggiare bicchieri, libri o laptop.



    Lema. The art of dialogue

    Our products are characters in a bigger picture, a lifestyle vision centred around the concept of dialogue.Dialogue as an idea of home, of a bespoke space, of the ideal forum for relationships and sharing moments.Dialogue as the fusion of form and materials, of aesthetics and function. An expression of Lema’s ability to combine various difference design styles in one, harmonious collection.Our furnishings are designed to interact with one another but can also exist on their own, having been devise to adapt to personal lifestyles in houses all over the world.