Bedroom containers without handles


Bedroom system with simple forms and rich detailing

Another product of Officinadesign Lema ongoing research activities, Quarantacinque is a collection of elegant bedroom containers - featuring a side table and chest of drawers - whose name is inspired by the sophisticated 45° joints used in the pieces. Available with a matt lacquered finish, Quarantacinque stands out from the crowd on account of its minimalist, modern style. The embodiment of the Lema design philosophy, Quarantacinque represents an example of the possibilities when you combine artisanal furniture-making with contemporary industrial production techniques. Decorative and functional all at once, the Quarantacinque containers work well in any space - they’re perfect in the bedroom, but bring an elegant simplicity to living areas too.
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Texture spec sheet: features, maintenance and care
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    Product Quarantacinque
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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


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    design by
    Officinadesign Lema
    The simple design and monolithic geometry of the Quarantacinque containers conceal stunning construction details drawn from the highest echelons of artisanal furniture-making, such as 45° joints.



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