This is where magic comes to life…

... and the centre of this atmosphere is Soffio

Soffio is an enveloping embrace made with care and respect for the environment, is the result of a deep design commitment in which every detail has been carefully chosen.
Soffio is an invitation to slow down, to gather and enjoy the most precious moments.

Our story begins right here

Imagine the scent of freshly baked cookies that fills the room and the enveloping feeling of warmth that only a sofa can give. Soffio becomes the beating heart of your home, the place where you come together to share unique moments that will remain engraved in our memory.

Soffio is the ideal hideaway to share stories and smiles with your loved ones, while the fire crackling brings about the sunset of the day.

Choose "Soffio" as your warm and welcoming place.

It is an embrace that envelops not only you, but also the world in which we live.
Let’s create a more sustainable future together, one sofa at a time.