Eco-sustainable walk-in wardrobe


A made-to-measure eco- friendly solution

Aesthetics joins forces with functionality using a sustainable perspective. Lema once again revolutionises the concept of a walk-in wardrobe and reinterprets it in a contemporary key, giving life to VentiTre: a highly customisable modular system, made with completely recyclable materials.



VentiTre was created with the idea of having an important turning point towards the forefront and most innovative frontiers of green economy. It presents itself as a system with high eco-sustainable materials, an avant-garde walk-in wardrobe not only in terms of design but above all from a technological point of view.  For this project, Lema consolidates its collaboration with  Saviola Group, a leading company in the production of carefully selected 100% recycled wood panels. VentiTre cabin was developed with extreme care with a view to a circular economy and is designed to be easily disassembled at the end of its life cycle to allow the correct disposal of each of its components.



A sartorial project that meets the needs of customers and designers. In the version with no wall panels, VentiTre presents itself as a simple, intelligent and versatile system that outlines the space without weighing it down. For a more complex design proposal, VentiTre makes the panel the protagonist, elevating it as the canvas on which to create your project.

A deluxe version for a custom-made walk-in wardrobe displaying your personality: VentiTre launches a new challenge in terms of personalisation thanks to an even wider range of finishes with which to compose a symphony of colours and materials that will make any space unique.  Each version of VentiTre can be enriched by a wide range of equipment in the catalogue: from the more classic such as drawer units and shelves, to new elements such as closed compartments and glass cases to store and protect the most precious items and objects. VentiTre also features an integrated cable-free LED lighting system that allows optimal lighting and at the same time ensures speed and ease of assembly.


VentiTre walk-in wardrobe is the result of a strong synergy between Madrid based designer David Lopez Quincoces's stylistic trait, based on the purity of lines, and Officinadesign Lema, the company's design soul, a team of creatives and technicians who translate Lema's philosophy and DNA into products and settings.



Texture spec sheet: features, maintenance and care
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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


    design by
    David Lopez Quincoces

    Ventitre is an ethical and sustainable project, an expression of aesthetic and technological research that has always distinguished Lema. This walk-in wardrobe is able to respond to the most ambitious design requests, launching a new challenge in terms of both customisation and sustainability.

    David Lopez Quincoces & Officinadesign Lema


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