Round table in heat-treated oak

design by Toan Nguyen

Solid-wood table with dynamic curves

Made entirely from solid wood, the sculptural shaping of the round Wow table by Toan Nguyen reveals its bold character and enables it to dominate any space. A wonderful example of the potential of wood, which the designer moves away from traditional styles to create a more contemporary piece, Wow features a carefully calibrated, linear top and packs an unexpected expressive punch thanks to the continuous structure of the base. This almost sculptural creation uses one strip of wood to create curved, sinuous shapes which deliver a huge visual impact. With texture and attention to detail at its heart, Wow is the star of the show in any dining room, offering the perfect space for spending time together.

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Round table also with rotating tray
design by Chiara Andreatti

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Rectangular or oval table with sculptural base
design by Francesco Rota
The painstaking selection of the materials and the quality of the processing, united with the sartorial care of the details are the cornerstones shared by all of our products.
The quality of products is reflected in the after-sales care service which is guaranteed over time throughout the network of partners and Lema dealers globally.
Lema’s proposals surprise for their refined timeless traits. Every design forms part of a harmonic lifestyle yet at the same time able to adapt to every home and lifestyle.

design by
Toan Nguyen
The Wow table is a homage to wood and a celebration of the creative individuality of the designer. The design approach preserves the function of the object, yet refuses to compromise on the sensuality of the material and the sensations it is capable of producing.



Lema. The art of dialogue

Our products are characters in a bigger picture, a lifestyle vision centred around the concept of dialogue.Dialogue as an idea of home, of a bespoke space, of the ideal forum for relationships and sharing moments.Dialogue as the fusion of form and materials, of aesthetics and function. An expression of Lema’s ability to combine various difference design styles in one, harmonious collection.Our furnishings are designed to interact with one another but can also exist on their own, having been devise to adapt to personal lifestyles in houses all over the world.