Walk-in closets

A LEMA walk-in closet turns the traditional concept of storage on its head and creates a tailor-made refuge. A living and dressing area, each object naturally fits within a flexible, functional and at the same time, aesthetically pleasing system, satisfying the needs of its owner. For LEMA, the walk-in closet does not represent luxury in the strictest meaning of the term, but it is instead the visualisation of a state of mind and lifestyle that embraces personal spaces. Objects, lights, materials and geometry concur in creating an intimate and engaging atmosphere. Shelves, bases, drawer units and other components, equipment and accessories can all be combined for unique customisation.
There are three products available in the catalogue able to satisfy any design need: HANGAR, by Piero Lissoni, is intended to store and organise daily objects inside a spacious area that is functional, beautiful and comfortable, where the various elements are inserted along the refined metal frame. NOVENOVE by Officinadesign LEMA, is cosy and classic. Characterised by an informal style, it is able to furnish different environments, from antique to former industrial areas, optimising the available space with a harmonious touch.
OPEN by Officinadesign LEMA is an immersive, large, functional closet, designed to incorporate seating and dressing areas and to display the owner’s fashion and pieces in an artistic yet practical way. Contemporary, organised and suited to homes both modern and classic, the system is a functional addition to interior life.

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