From hotels to multi-apartment complexes via retail and corporate spaces, Lema Contract offers bespoke solutions for any kind of project.

Our industrial, technological and design expertise allow us to understand and accommodate any aesthetic and functional requirement and work alongside clients from the design phase right through to after-sale support.

We combine creative thinking, client input and unyielding qualitative standards to turn ideas into reality thanks to the extensive expertise of the Lema Contract teams at our Giussano and London hubs. Underpinning these key facets is the weight of our industrial-scale production operation, made possible thanks to close ties with Lema Casa.


Bespoke service

Thanks to its specific business units, Lema Contract is able to handle any type of project or order, ensuring the highest qualitative standards every time:

  • Hospitality, focusing on hotel and multi-apartment complex developments
  • Retail, focusing on large-scale projects for commercial spaces
  • Corporate, focusing on office and company headquarter development projects
  • Luxury Residence, focusing on bespoke projects for exclusive private residences.


Each business unit offers three levels of supply:

  • mass production
  • development and manufacture of bespoke products
  • custom FF&E projects with complete fit-out service