Home division

First in Italy to propose custom modular systems for the day and night area, thanks to a strong technical know-how, Lema was able to evolve, conceiving a complete range for the home that can be modulated according to personal tastes and needs that, in addition to MODULAR systems, includes sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, small tables, cupboards, beds and accessories.

This is Lema Casa, a place where design enters in tippy toes, away from clamour and pretentiousness; refuge, free of restrictions, made of items characterised by a lived atmosphere. A relaxed and solar atmosphere stands out, appealing thanks to the impeccable quality and elegance of the single pieces. Creations thought to live in harmony but able to adapt freely and naturally in every home, worldwide. Woods, glass and metals worked in different ways build the pieces characterised by a refined design, with the aim to give life to modern interpretations of the Mediterranean life style, essence of the made in Italy.

The historic plant in Alzate Brianza (30,000 square metres) designed by Angelo Mangiarotti is the heart of Lema Casa, where cutting-edge technologies are merged with handicraft know-how.

Particular focus is paid to the selection of raw materials, respectful of the environment and workmanships, aimed at underscoring the close bond between handcrafts and technology, in compliance with binding and strict standards, which has always characterised the uniqueness of the brand, giving life to quality and durable furniture.
This implies a close collaboration with designers for engineering new projects; constant check of the proper execution of all production phases; strict checks on the finished product.

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