Architecture and design studio Norm Architects was founded in Copenhagen in 2008 and immediately began working in the fields of industrial design, residential architecture, interior design, photography and art direction. The studio develops typical Scandinavian sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic taste in innovative, captivating projects whose strength lies in their simplicity. As with human well-being, the essence of their work is all about balance: between richness and moderation, between order and complexity. Every project, whether architecture, interiors, design or creative direction, is imbued with the same quality: a simplicity that evokes bigger ideas. In 2022, Norm Architects started working with Lema, designing several of the company’s projects.
  1. Francis | NEW Francis | NEW
    Francis | NEW
    design by_ Norm Architects
  2. Fred | NEW Fred | NEW
    Fred | NEW
    design by_ Norm Architects
  3. Claire | NEW Claire | NEW
    Claire | NEW
    design by_ Norm Architects