Coffee tables with a monolithic design

design by Norm Architects
Starting from €50,000.00

Material becomes light

Striking a perfect balance between sophisticated minimalism and expressive impact, the Francis coffee table has an intriguing silhouette that effortlessly fits into living spaces. The monolithic, circular shapes that make up the base and top of the coffee table are reminiscent of the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, an exotic region where nature rules supreme. Francis coffee tables reveal their soul in the hard material that forms them and in the harmonious encounter between seemingly simple and primordial geometric shapes, which make the entire design contemporary.

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Texture spec sheet: features, maintenance and care
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    Product Francis
    Height (cm)
    Abrasion resistance


    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


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    Coffee table with lacquered or glass top
    design by Roberto Lazzeroni

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    Coffee table with symmetrical interlocking puzzle
    design by Roberto Lazzeroni

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    Coffee tables with metal structure, round and oval tops
    design by Gabriele e Oscar Buratti

    design by
    Norm Architects
    Minimalist and highly expressive, the Francis coffee tables are a simple solution that evokes primordial emotions. The balanced, generous forms give the coffee tables a perfect blend of solidity and lightness.


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    Our products are characters in a bigger picture, a lifestyle vision centred around the concept of dialogue.Dialogue as an idea of home, of a bespoke space, of the ideal forum for relationships and sharing moments.Dialogue as the fusion of form and materials, of aesthetics and function. An expression of Lema’s ability to combine various difference design styles in one, harmonious collection.Our furnishings are designed to interact with one another but can also exist on their own, having been devise to adapt to personal lifestyles in houses all over the world.