Retro style two seater sofa with metal frame

design by Gordon Guillaumier

Two-seater sofa that strikes a balance between form and style

Retro influences are incorporated with a balanced hand into the Lennox two-seater sofa, which mirrors the cosy form of the eponymous lounge chair. The inspiration at the base of this sophisticated design is an open corolla, suspended in mid-air on a sleek structure made from bronze-coloured metal. The result is an elegant, discreet sofa perfect for socialising - it's the ideal choice to complete a refined lounge area to make every moment memorable, even if you're just killing time. Whether you're enjoying some quality time with a companion or just relaxing alone, Lennox is a soft, seductive nest - perfect for spending time reading or listening to your favourite music, perhaps a song by the muse who inspired this sofa

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    A sleek, two-seater sofa, Lennox is the result of a creative exploration of the concept of balance and fusion between proportions and pared-down design.



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