30 August 2023




YEAR 2023

Lema furnishes a new student residence at Collegiate Milan Noth

Collegiate AC Group, a leading company in Europe specialising in student accommodation, has selected Lema Contract to fully furnish the brand new student complex in Milan’s Bicocca district. 

This project marks a significant milestone for Lema and its Contract division, which has not only managed the entire supply of furnishings but also coordinated and supported the interior designers and architects of Collegiate AC Group in logistical and construction organisation, successfully completing the work according to the pre-established timelines. The expertise gained over the years enabled Lema Contract to assist the Collegiate team in every design phase, interpreting the client's ideas through a meticulous customised service. Commencing from the feasibility analysis of the overall project, Lema collaborated closely with Collegiate to establish methods, timelines, and costs, completing the project not only with regards to the furniture and accessories but also regarding structural setups.

"Lema is capable of tackling complex projects, both residential and contract, as was the case with Collegiate Milano Nord, thanks to our unique approach to each project – conceiving the comprehensive furnishings for the space, which are always coordinated and harmonious. The added value Lema has, is the synergy between two divisions: Home and Contract. The design and production capability of furniture for every living space, the use of quality materials and finishes that are versatile and integrable through endless combinations, enabling the creation of consistently designed and welcoming spaces. A unique interlocutor and a reliable reference point that guarantees to the client a definite outcome," says Angelo Meroni, President of Lema.

Developed to offer not only high-quality accommodations but also communal spaces, the residence includes 695 rooms divided into seven different typologies: all feature a large bed, a built-in wardrobe, a kitchenette, as well as a dining area, a desk, and a private bathroom. Of these, around 495 rooms also have an equipped kitchen, with stove, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher. Lema was able to translate space needs into smart and innovative solutions, optimising every centimetre: the spaces are comfortable, fully usable, and designed down to the last detail prioritising the well-being of students.

Lema provided all the furniture for the communal spaces too, which residents can enjoy throughout the year: the tables, chairs, and lamps in the study rooms, two large communal kitchens (one per floor), as well as all the tables, chairs, bar counters, and lamps in the rooms dedicated to dinners or parties, overlooking a large patio with a garden. There is also a game room, where students can entertain themselves playing ping-pong or football, as well as sunbeds by the indoor pool and gym equipment.

In this project, Lema's bespoke furnishings fit perfectly, conveying an idea of home and a future to be discovered through every detail. A room all to oneself, and convivial spaces, where new friendships can be formed. Interiors that provide every student with a perfect balance between privacy and community.