9 April 2008


DESIGN BY Mauro Doro - Stefano Moreno
LOCATION Luxembourg
YEAR 2008

Lema has realised all the bespoke fixtures and furniture for the installation of the Discovery Gallery, within the ArcelorMittal space of Luxembourg, from the design by Moreno Architecture. Discovery Gallery is an initiative of ArcelorMittal, world leader in the steel industry, that tells the story of steel through its industrial processes, the research involved and the characteristics of the material itself, illustrating the possibilities of processing, application and reuse; a material that truly lends itself to creative interpretations and cutting-edge technological solutions. A contemporary installation that coexists with language having both a historical character and a solid tradition in a general context; a presence that creates a unique and stimulating contrast. The essence of this material, dynamic and stable at the same time, has suggested a “strip” that passes through the environments, creating diverse multi-purpose spaces. The strip winds its way through, it wraps itself around, it raises up and it changes its own function: from decorative subject to support, from furnishing element to backdrop.