Container with a minimal nature

design by Studiocharlie
Starting from £4,224.00

Bold container, decisive in the rhythm with compact volumes

There is a real sense of sophistication to the Conchiglia container by Studiocharlie. The squared, compact design adds plenty of character to the piece, a work of micro-architecture with an unusual sequence of compartments of differing sizes. The graphic nature of the design brings dynamism to the piece. The compartments with lacquered doors get gradually smaller in a kind of spiral, concluding with an open section - the origin and end point of this infinite movement. The piece can be customised with different colours for the doors and the inside of the open section.

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Texture spec sheet: features, maintenance and care
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    Product Conchiglia
    Height (cm)
    Abrasion resistance


    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


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    Sideboard with minimal shapes
    design by Marelli & Molteni
    Starting from £3,618.00

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    Sideboard in heat-treated oak
    design by Cairoli & Donzelli

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    Sideboard with coloured lacquered doors
    design by Roberto Lazzeroni
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    design by
    The Conchiglia sideboard is based around the concept of the infinite spiral. As the spiral extends, so the size of the square components increases. and where this detail becomes invisible, at the origin of the spiral, an empty space provides a focal point.



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