Extra comfort modular sofa

Extra comfort modular sofa with rigid frame

A game between rigid and soft shapes: the Groovy sofa embodies the essence of relaxation in a slender structure. A sofa that blooms with many petals, the armrests of Groovy open slightly outwards focusing on the soft cushions.

Square shapes and extra softness: the balance between comfort and linearity is the central point around which Officinadesign Lema has built the whole project of the Groovy sofa, making it the perfect interpreter of a philosophy based on relaxation; where comfort and modularity are the fundamental characteristics.

Groovy is supported by non-visible feet, the supporting structure is in leather whilst the cushions can be covered in fabric or leather. The game of combinations passes from a material to a chromatic surface thanks to the possibility of combining elements of different colours, fabrics and textures.

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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


    Be inspired


    Modular sofa with a sleek frame in metal
    design by Gordon Guillaumier

    Be inspired


    Modular sofa with high and low backrests
    design by Francesco Rota

    Be inspired


    Modular free-standing sofa
    design by Officinadesign Lema

    design by
    Officinadesign Lema
    The Groovy sofa is decisive and enveloping lines, a scene of lightheartedness and conviviality. Like opening petals, its armrests should slightly outwards and welcome the seat: a clear invitation to relax.


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