Lounge armchair with pedestal


An armchair made for relaxation

The Miki armchair designed by Pierattelli Architetture embodies the ideals of softness, comfort, and dynamism. Miki consists of a substantial seat cushion enclosed by a padded, curvilinear, and protective shell that, extending itself, surrounds and envelops the seat, serving as both backrest and armrest. With its curvilinear flow, it embraces the body, transforming the armchair into a private and welcoming refuge. Defined by its compact dimensions and high backrest, Miki elevates the central die-cast aluminium pedestal as a distinctive element, making the armchair even more versatile in its use. The armchair features a swivel mechanism that gives the seat a dynamic character and enhances its interaction with the surrounding space. Upholstered in fabric, leather, or vegan leather, Miki is a versatile and harmonious armchair ideal for those seeking a modern and refined taste without compromising on comfort and well-being.

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Product MIKI | NEW
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design by
Pierattelli Architetture


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