Upholstered bed with container


Upholstered bed with sartorial details

Ideas from the past create a collection that stands out thanks to its aesthetic research and attention to detail. Designed by Studio Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, the Lullaby group for the night area represents the destination of a profound research in textile processing, especially in blanket stitching. The bed from the Lullaby collection features clean, essential lines, with a high, imposing headboard with a strong geometric imprint and a soft, enveloping effect, enhanced by its padding. The real innovation concerns the design of the bed frame, the geometry of which draws a light and deliberately airy shape, with a discreet visual impact. The decorative stitching, in continuity with the headboard, completes the harmony of the design.

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    Product LULLABY
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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


    design by
    Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
    We have always thought that the internal container of the bed was a functional element, while it gave the object a heavy aesthetic. Using the blanket stitch, we managed to recalibrate the proportions of the entire bed, creating an effect of suspense and lightness. This allowed us to create an important and rigorous bed that seems to float in space.


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