Italian excellence in innovation and tradition

Compositional flexibility, modularity and customisation, sophisticated aesthetics and high quality in terms of materials and manufacturing are the keys to the success of Lema. Lema is a well-established industrial player with roots stretching back to the 1930s, when Angelo Meroni - the grandfather and namesake of the current President - opened a workshop in the heart of Brianza, specialising in the production of artisanal furniture. This was followed, in the 1950s, by the opening of a store in Milan. The big turning point came in the 1970s, when Luigi and Enrico - Angelo’s sons - founded Lema. It heralded a move into industrial production for the business.

Casa e Contract
Casa and Contract are Lema’s two main industrial and design focuses, in addition to IOC Office Projects, our brand dedicated to the world of office furniture. We have 55,000m2 of industrial production space in total across our two facilities in Alzate Brianza and Guissano, both designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, in addition to 240 employees, making us one of the biggest Italian furniture manufacturers in the world.

One of the unique features about Lema is our strong ties to the world of design. Throughout the history of our company, we’ve teamed up with leading designers, combining our production expertise with their talent to great effect.

The Lema universe

The story of Lema is a story of Italian manufacturing and an expert combination of innovation and tradition based on the central tenets of quality and customisation. Lema’s success lies with its unrivalled and quintessentially Italian manufacturing expertise, which have allowed the company to harness the technological power and efficiency of a large industrial operation while maintaining a deep, artisanal calling. Great attention is paid to each and every phase of manufacture, from design - carried out in close collaboration with the designers themselves - right through to the final product. Indeed, it is this focus on quality which encapsulates the essence of Italian design and Lema’s extraordinarily effective interpretation of this.

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The latest news from Lema are the stars of the new showroom layout at the brands’ headquarter in Alzate Brianza and reserved for dealers. Just a simple click away from exploring the different areas and discovering all the news!

Lema Casa

Specialising in bespoke modular systems for both living and sleeping areas, Lema has drawn on its deep technical expertise to reinvent itself many times throughout its existence, building up a comprehensive home range that includes seats, soft furniture, tables, storage, beds and accessories as well as its trademark systems. In recent years, Lema has become synonymous with a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle vision. The Lema home is all about subtle, understated design, reflecting a lifestyle free from stress and pretence. It’s a refuge where there are no limitations, filled with pieces that contribute to a lived-in, light and bright atmosphere. Free-standing pieces rub shoulders with modular systems, bringing structure to spaces that welcome tranquillity and promote the sharing of emotions. The core concepts of the range are hospitality, conviviality, relaxation and warmth. A unique authority in the world of furniture, Lema stands out from the crowd on account of its ability to bring together design visions who differ in style and method. The result is a complex collection yet one that always stays true to the Lema identity. You’ll be bowled over not just by individual pieces, but also by how they work together, offering fresh aesthetic inspiration for homes that aren’t afraid to reveal their most intimate nature. We give particular importance to the selection of raw materials and the manufacturing techniques we use, ensuring that we adhere to the highest standards while celebrating the close ties between technology and craftsmanship. We work closely with designers in order to prepare new projects for industrial production, while regular checks are carried out throughout all production phases to ensure the process is being completely correctly, with stringent checks to follow on the finished products.

Lema Contract: You Think We Make

The deep bond between Lema and the world of design is never stronger than in our Contract sector. This modern business area is experiencing strong growth and is split across two hubs: our headquarters in Giussano and our Lema UK site in London.

From the supply of furniture to bespoke projects
As an experienced partner, Lema works alongside clients and is often able to pre-empt new tastes and trends by offering custom-made solutions. We draw on the vast range of Lema Casa and exploit all the benefits of our industrial-scale production model, all the while offering the option to customise the aesthetics, dimensions and materials of our products. Thanks to our comprehensive technical understanding of bespoke modular systems, Lema Contract is able to handle large custom orders through an integrated approach that encompasses every stage of the process, from concept development to prototyping, mock-ups, logistics and final installation.

Comprehensive, bespoke service
One of Lema Contract’s biggest strengths is our bespoke service. For every project we work on, clients will find us to be an experienced partner which provides a technical team that can interpret their vision and accommodate all the aesthetic and practical requirements. Every project is unique. It starts as an idea on a piece of paper, then that concept is transformed into furniture, accessories and special pieces. The experience we’ve built up over the years enables us to map out a clear project roadmap, complete with timings and full costings, to enable clients to produce a feasibility study for the project as a whole - not just for the supply of furniture and accessories but for structural layouts too. Our after-sale service is another big plus, maintaining continuity and making sure that products remain available to clients. And of course, we're always ready to plan additional custom activities to bring a project up to date.

IOC Project partners

Launched in 1992, the International Office Concept was renamed IOC Project Partners in 2019 following a rebrand. IOC is an independent arm of the Lema Group focusing on office supplies. Working in synergy with the Casa and Contract divisions, IOC guarantees the same high qualitative standards that have always been synonymous with Lema. With an ethos built around a vision of a contemporary office, where function, design and tech are vital elements, IOC offers a large and varied selection of products ranging from executive furniture to operating systems via chairs, desks, storage and wall systems.


Lema has always had a keen focus on environmental issues and is constantly striving to improve its operation, adhering to regulations which favour the use of sustainable processes and materials. Key steps taken over the years include the progressive move from traditional to water-based paints, as well as a concerted effort to limit emissions. Our headquarters in Alzate runs partially on renewable energy, while the entire logistics area opened in 2013 is completely self-sufficient in terms of energy thanks to the photovoltaic plant installed on the roof. The company has had BS OHSAS 18001 certification since 2012, in recognition of our commitment to improving the working conditions at our facilities and in 2020 it obtained the international certification UNI ISO 45001, which attests the company's responsibility towards protecting the health and safety of its employees. By request, Lema is also able to produce products with international FSC® certification, which denotes products containing wood sourced from forests that are sustainably managed in accordance with stringent environmental, social and economic standards. FSC® is an independent, non-profit international NGO whose members include environmentalist and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries who work with or sell wood and scientists and technicians who work together to improve forestry management across the world. In 2013, Lema also acquired ISO 9001 certification, the world's leading Quality management standard. ISO 9001 certification shows that the company is active in programmes that aim to ensure the constant improvement of company performance and allow it to assure clients that it will maintain and improve the quality of its products and services.