Bespoke wardrobe with recessed handle


Bespoke wardrobe with hinged doors: functionality with innate elegance

The Elegant Armadio al Centimetro by Officinadesign Lema features hinged doors that create a simple façade, interrupted only by the discreet handles carved out of the doors. The back of the handles can be lacquered in the same colour as the doors, in a different colour or in Carbone oak.

Elegant is a highly customisable wardrobe. The height, width and depth can all be personalised, while corner solutions are also available. With simple and sophisticated aesthetics, the product has been designed for the bedroom but it works perfectly in a range of spaces, including the living room and study. There is also plenty of scope to customise the interior: the Armadio al Centimetro programme offers a range of different finishes and stunning features design to allow the space to be adapted to accommodate specific functional requirements. These include drawers, racks for trousers, belts and shoes, shelves and clothes rails with integrated lighting solutions. The wardrobe also offers gorgeous detailing in leather and fabric, such as drawer pads and boxes for shirt racks.

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Texture spec sheet: features, maintenance and care
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    Product Elegant
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    Colors used, for obvious technical reasons, are indicative and may differ from the original


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    Bespoke wardrobe with carved handle
    design by Officinadesign Lema

    design by
    Officinadesign Lema
    The simple lines of the bespoke Elegant wardrobe are emphasised by the sophisticated glossy or matt lacquered finishes available for the doors.



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