1 June 2008


DESIGN BY Matteo Thun
YEAR 2008/2012

Creativity and innovation. Attention to the needs and requirements of the customer; this comprises the fundamental input for the restyling of the Vodafone sales outlets that was entrusted to Lema. A complex turnkey project developed exclusively by Lema between 2008 and 2012 for 820 shop in shops and 21 flagship stores, based on the idea of a space conceived for transmitting the brand values with the requirement of communicating welcoming reception and multisensorial experiences, with a linear, intuitive and simple layout. The gaze reads the space of the sales outlet following the horizontal lines; the perimetrical display of products and services becomes clear and rational: immediate emotions in spontaneity and ease of manner. Walls are knocked down, the dimensional perception of the space is increased by means of clean lines and surfaces, the dramatic impact of technological complexity is successfully reduced.