Customisable modular open-faced system


Modular system with versatile aesthetics and function

LT40 is a fully customisable modular system of containers and wall elements available in four configurations: floor, sideboard, wall-mounted and panelling. Ideal in any room of the house, the four configurations can be liberally combined and supplemented with a series of additional elements: double side containers, benches and storage solutions for multimedia equipment, tops in marble and stone, box containers in wood or glass and an integrated LED lighting system.

Another unique feature of the LT40 system is the wooden LT_FRAME containers, which can be attached to the wall and have a strong graphic impact, bringing colour to any space. They are available in two sizes and six predefined configurations featuring closed and open sections, while a LED lighting system adds definition to the profile.  The compositions are finished with 10 mm side and top panels, which are cut to fit as snugly as a bespoke suit. The internal structure is in Greyvelvet, an innovative, ultra-matt material which feels velvety to the touch yet offers elevated resistance. The LT40 system is protected by registration on the EU’s Design Programme

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Customisable modular open-faced system
design by Officinadesign Lema

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Container with a minimal nature
design by Studiocharlie

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Wooden sideboard with glass doors
design by Matteo Nunziati
The painstaking selection of the materials and the quality of the processing, united with the sartorial care of the details are the cornerstones shared by all of our products.
The quality of products is reflected in the after-sales care service which is guaranteed over time throughout the network of partners and Lema dealers globally.
Lema’s proposals surprise for their refined timeless traits. Every design forms part of a harmonic lifestyle yet at the same time able to adapt to every home and lifestyle.

design by
David Lopez Quincoces
An apparently simple product, LT40 is versatile and flexible. This harmonious mosaic of different shapes, sizes, materials and finishes works perfectly in both living and sleeping areas. Designed to be configured into carefully calibrated compositions, it also delivers real character when used as an individual piece.



Lema. The art of dialogue

Our products are characters in a bigger picture, a lifestyle vision centred around the concept of dialogue.Dialogue as an idea of home, of a bespoke space, of the ideal forum for relationships and sharing moments.Dialogue as the fusion of form and materials, of aesthetics and function. An expression of Lema’s ability to combine various difference design styles in one, harmonious collection.Our furnishings are designed to interact with one another but can also exist on their own, having been devise to adapt to personal lifestyles in houses all over the world.